NBGI Private Equity

Private equity fund (PE) has found a partner to manage assets in the Czech Republic

Leading European private equity fund outlines how ASB helped them to focus on assets instead of managing Czech SPV ́s.

Client Profile  

NBGI PE, established in 2000, is a leading European private equity and venture capital investing in different sectors across Europe. The main target when entering the Czech real estate market in 2011 was to invest in profitable assets to offer higher returns to investors. Currently, NBGI owns four assets with a value exceeding EUR 65 million and over 100 thousand square meters.

ASB Group involvement

To be able to manage portfolio of EUR 900 million across different funds and sectors within Europe without increasing costs resulting from opening new offices and employing local staff, NBGI’s strategy is to outsource all services required in individual countries to comply with the local regulations.

Due to ASB ́s extensive experiences and knowledge of the real estate market and local environment, NBGI started cooperation with ASB in 2011 when the fund acquired its first asset in the Czech Republic. ASB assisted NBGI to establish and manage local entities and to secure financing of the projects. ASB currently provides NBGI with a full set of services and, due to high quality of services, ASB remains one of the key partners for NBGI in the Czech Republic.

ASB Group provides the following services to NBGI Private Equity

  • Shelf company
  • Executive director – provision of experienced and qualified in-house person 
  • Administrative services in connection with management and registered seat provision
  • Statutory book-keeping
  • Reporting and tax planning
  • Tax compliance and advisory
Statement of James Huckle, Investment Director of NBGI PE

„We very much appreciate having a local partner such as ASB that is able to provide complex services at a very high standard and act as a single point of contact for all corporate matters that we face in the Czech Republic.”