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Company Formation

Why do some clients prefer the establishment of a company over the faster acquisition of a ready-made company?

Some clients can’t buy ready-made companies because of internal rules. That is usually the only reason.

How long does the establishment process last?

The time it takes to enter a company into the Commercial Register is now fairly short, but we have to arrange a notarial deed, open an account with a bank, pay up the registered capital and, primarily, obtain from the client all the necessary documents, which, in particular in the case of foreign members or shareholders, usually takes some time. We have already successfully established dozens of companies for our clients, and the whole process takes approximately four weeks.

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For clients who prefer the establishment of a tailor-made brand new company to acquiring a ready-made one, ASB can establish such a company in accordance with their requirements, as well as providing comprehensive related legal services

  • Establishment of any type of company
  • Arrangement of all registrations and authorisations
  • Registration of company in Commercial Register
Trust Manager
Andrzej Gorycki

“Some clients can’t buy ready- made companies because of internal rules.”