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Internal Audit

Internal audit refers to an analysis of company’s internal processes and its individual activities.

Why should companies have their accounting departments and reporting audited?

Number of companies do not have their own internal audit departments that is why. During such audit independent ASB experts assess and monitor risk management in a company, reporting as well as the control system, and in particular they provide recommendations on how to improve the current situation.

The aim of internal audit is therefore to improve the current situation?

Yes, it is. Internal audit assesses the efficiency of processes and contributes to their improvement. An auditor identifies, documents, assesses and reports risks, and prevents fraudulent conduct. It is a systemic check, assessment and reporting of the correctness of the system of managerial, financial, operating and budgetary practice.

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An audit includes

  • Financial management
  • Information systems
  • The process of closing the books, reporting

Audit of Accounting Records and Procedures

As a part of an audit of accounting ledgers and procedures we provide:

  • Advice on the set-up of the accounting department and its internal processes
  • Accounting software testing
  • Training of individual accounting staff
  • Reconstruction of accounts, etc.
Head of Accounting Team
Gabriela Dufková

“Internal audit assesses the process efficiency and contributes to its improvement.”