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Management and Statutory Reporting

Does a report you deliver for a client mean more than just numbers and the fact that it sees the work done?

A large part of our clients are foreign or multinational. An accounting firm’s ability to supply unified reporting that the client uses throughout the world is very important, as is knowledge of the local conditions. Financial reporting with its results and analyses brings valuable insight for making effective corporate strategic decisions by a company’s management. Another benefit of choosing ASB includes or consist in monitoring of the output online – using remote access a client can print out and edit any spreadsheets. We also offer clients reports made- to-measure by experts at ASB.

In what way is working with a multinational client domestic one?? 

Multinational companies often do accounts internally at a shared services centre (hereinafter “SSC”) and then need a local partner. Based on documents delivered by an SSC, ASB analyses the differences between the accounting standards used and local regulations, ensures statutory compliance with valid legislation for accounts and taxes and then drafts tax returns, statutory reports and other documents required by local legislation (e.g. reports on relations, financial statements, annual reports, etc.) Thanks to this ability clients really appreciate us.

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Management reporting

Management reports are a strong tool for monitoring the performance and financial health of every company. We help define, draft and regularly assess them.

Depending on the type of company and the method of processing accounts, we offer a large quantity of reports (drafted in accordance with various accounting standards):

  • Preparation of tax returns and client representation in dealings with tax authorities
  • Reports (CAS, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  • Budgets
  • Cash-flow statements (statutory, direct and indirect method)
  • Monitoring of inventory turnover, warehouse balance, payroll costs, etc.
  • Reports in another currency (e.g. EUR, USD, GBP, etc.)

Statutory Reporting

The current trend in organising the processing of accounts by international companies is centralising accounting work in shared service centres (hereinafter “SSC”), where the accounts of local companies are processed in another country company and often using other accounting standards. ASB is a bridge between local and international accounting standards.

Reporting Manager
Przemysław Urban

“Financial reporting with its results and analyses brings valuable insight for effective strategic corporate decisions.”