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Payroll Audit

In connection with our clients’ needs and requirements we are ready to design and apply procedures that facilitate and make everyday communication inside a company more effective.

Could you tell us what this service gives a client?

In case that a client does not have its own local HR department, ASB can handle all human resources administration, which is closely related to payroll processing. A client can be sure that its team is well looked-after, that all processes are in accordance with local legislation and requirements, and it can pay full attention to developing its business, managing and motivating its staff.

How are the responsibilities divided up between the ASB team and the client?

The client supplies us with pre-agreed documents or information, based on which we provide the requested service. At ASB an experienced HR consultant is always allocated to the client and actively communicates with the client’s authorised person or directly with employees. He regularly informs the client of forthcoming changes and proposes solutions to facilitate HR processes.

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As a part of this service we offer

  • Preparation of contracts of employment and other employment law documents required by local legislation
  • Registration and de-registration of an employer and employees for social and health insurance
  • Preparation of internal company guidelines
  • Preparation and review on documents related to the commencement of employment
  • Ensuring health and safety protection at work, fire protection and medical check-ups for employees
  • Calculation of entitlement to luncheon vouchers, ordering of luncheon vouchers and their subsequent distribution to employees
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with client’s requirements
Senior Payroll Consultant
Klára Cowan

“Although this service is primarily about administration, we don’t forget the human approach and friendly communication.”