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Shelf Companies

ASB can sell its clients ready-made companies that meet all the statutory requirements based on which a client can start to do business immediately. These companies have no history and have never undertaken any business activities.

Why should I prefer acquiring a shelf company to establishing one?

Despite marked improvements in the relevant legislation and bringing deadlines forward, the process for establishing a company is, to a certain extent, a demanding one in terms of time and the required documents. There is often neither the time nor space to establish the necessary business entities. Buying a shelf company saves a lot of time and administrative work. Over our life- time we have sold hundreds of such ready- made companies that were then used in many leading transactions.

How fast can a company start to do business?

The companies are properly established and registered, including registration with the tax authority, so they can start to do business immediately. The transfer of shares or ownership interests itself is valid upon the signature of the relevant contract, so it can be a matter of a few hours. Entering changes into the Commercial Register can take more time, perhaps several days, but a company can already be used by a client in the course of this process.

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As a part of this service we provide

  • Provision of limited liability company
  • Provision of joint stock company
  • Arrangement and registration of all corporate changes to companies upon their sale
Head of Legal Team
Daniel Hlavica

“Buying a shelf company saves a lot of time and administrative work.”